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The perfect uEye for detail

A featured sale item, the HD monochrome uEye UI-2240SE-M USB 2.0 CCD Camera has all the tools needed to hone in and see the finer details in life. It has an ultra compact specially industrialized camera housing that can be fit into tight spaces or areas with little to no routing options and plug and go Mini-B USB and screwable Micro D-SUB connectors for operation in even the most demanding environments and applications. The astounding 1280 x 1024 pixel resolution and it’s more than capable frame rate speeds of 15 frames per second at full resolution paired with global shutter for motion freeze make sure everything is captured by this highly detailed security camera. As well it can be used with any C-Mount lenses for different or more in depth professional applications or uses and it is ideally suited for image processing, factory automation, medical applications and machine vision applications among many others.

Top Security Features:

• High Quality CMOS & CCD Sensors
• USB 2.0 Int…

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